Abbott | Reed Communities: The Lofts At The Creamery


Abbott | Reed is excited to continue our impact on the livability and positive transformation of downtown San Luis Obispo with the ground breaking of a loft-apartment project next to the Creamery Marketplace. Learn more here.

Fall 2022 Design Trends

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Forgive us if we’re a bit biased, but there’s something about the fall season more than any other time of year that brings out the decorating side in us. Pumpkin-filled harvest scenes, cozy throws draped across the sofa and earthy-toned colors abound making even the most novice decorator a quasi-pro this time of year.

It’s the time for coziness, slowing down, and connecting with friends and family. So, if you’re itching to spruce up your abode for autumn, we’ve come up with a list of fall design trends for your custom home.

1. Fall “Porchscapes”

“Porchscapes” are one of the hottest trends of the season. Sure, we’ve all been decorating our porches with a Jack ‘O Lantern and perhaps some spooky elements for Halloween, but more elaborate fall front-porch scenes have been emerging over the past few years – especially featuring decorations that can be relevant past Halloween right up into Thanksgiving. Pumpkins, of course, corn stalks, mums, and other colorful seasonal props such as harvest-themed wreaths or garlands will keep your porch looking fall festive right up until the Christmas lights go up.

2. Earth-toned Colors

Warm, rich tones just fit during the fall season and are a bit more timely than traditional October-esque colors such as orange, black and red. If pumpkin orange is a must, try layering it with more muted, natural colors such as turning leaves to mix things up. For example, a pumpkin-themed table centerpiece could be accented with a forest green runner or using navy throw pillows on a front-porch bench to go along with cornstalks and pumpkins.

3. Entertainment-ready Spaces

Gatherings are back it’s full-on entertaining season. Family coming for Thanksgiving? Hosting a Christmas party? Inviting friends for Christmas Eve cocktails? You’re going to need an entertainment space, one that can function all the way through New Year’s. Common spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, and living areas should be your focus for seasonal-themed decorating, and don’t forget the power of scents with candles or oil diffusers.

4. Cozy Corners

If you’re going to be throwing a bunch of parties, you’ll also need a place to wind down and rejuvenate. Even if you don’t plan on entertaining much this season, the chilly weather and longer nights are perfect for creating a cozy spot in your home to unwind with a steaming cup of coffee or tea and settle into a good book. Outfit a window seat with cozy pillows and throws with seasonal colors or plaid patterns. Pull an end table close with a lamp that puts off warm light or candles, and you’ve got a place to snuggle up until spring.

5. Dark, Moody Kitchens

This fall design trend might have a bit more permanence beyond just a few months, but the white, bright kitchen is out. Fall is the perfect time to usher in the emerging trend of utilizing dark, moody colors in the kitchen. Warm earth tones or deep jewel tones reflect the colors found during harvest, especially here in wine country with the browns and oranges of the turning leaves on the vine contrasted by the bursting clusters of dark, rich grapes.

For more fall design trends for your custom home, or for help making your dreams come true in any of our homes in San Luis Obispo, reach out to us.

Abbott | Reed Communities: New Project Announcement


At Abbott | Reed ensuring we make a positive impact on the communities we serve has been a priority ever since we opened our doors in 2008. With that in mind, we’re particularly excited to announce one of our latest projects—Rockview at Sunset, located on Atascadero Road in Morro Bay.

New Name, Same Commitment to Building Better


It’s official…we’ve changed our name to Abbott | Reed Inc.! A change in name only, Abbott | Reed is still under the same ownership, comprised of the same capable team, all driven by the same commitment to build better. Effective immediately, multidisciplinary construction and real estate development firm, Robbins | Reed is now known as Abbott | Reed.

4 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home


Abbott | Reed Communities New Years Home Resolutions

When it comes to changing things up in the new year, focusing on your home is a natural place to start. Our homes in San Luis Obispo provide the foundation for our lives – the starting points for work, play, rest, and rejuvenation. So, whether you live in a home, apartment, or your custom dream house, we’ve come up with four New Year’s Resolutions for your home to help you get a jumpstart on a great 2022.

Custom Home Trends: Flex Rooms

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Abbott | Reed Custom Homes-Flex-Rooms

These days, our homes are so much more than four walls and a roof. Home office, gym, gourmet restaurant, movie theater… there’s really no way to label all the things we’re asking from a house in 2021.

That means flex rooms, spaces designed specifically to be multipurpose, just one of the features of our custom homes in San Luis Obispo. And we’ve put together a guide to help inspire you when planning a flex room.

Funnel Your Passions into Your Flex Room

First off, think about ways to best utilize a flex room by asking yourself what you’re passionate about. Do you love going to the gym but wish you could save time? Are you working from home more these days but don’t have a dedicated space? Does your family love games but can’t decide on cards or video games?

All these things factor into how to best utilize the space in your house.

Consider the Best Location for Your Flex Room

How you plan on using a flex room will help determine its placement in your custom home. Flex rooms are often on the main floor near the front entryway or kitchen and can easily become a home office, children’s playroom or entertainment space.

Other placements all depend on how you plan on using them. A second-floor bedroom may serve as a home office and spare room for when family or guests are in town or a gym/gaming room.

What’s Going into the Design?

After you’ve determined how your flex room is going to be used, it’s time to dive into details like general design and décor. Sturdy, versatile materials, like bamboo flooring and multi-purpose furniture, ensures the room stands up to wear and tear over time.

Also, hidden storage can be a huge help when it comes to switching from one use to another.

Flex Room Inspiration

If you’re still thinking about ways to integrate different uses, here are some ideas for utilizing the most out of your custom home.


Give your kids space and freedom with a room for storing toys, books and games. Add a sliding door that separates the room to hide the clutter and mess.

Homework space:

Install built-in shelves to store homework supplies and a computer workstation.


Creating a library in your home is perfect for keeping all of your favorite reading materials in one spot. Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and cabinets make storing your books and magazines easy. Of course, a good read needs a comfy chair.

Game/Entertainment Room:

Whether it’s board games, video games or cards, this room can be used by the whole family. Loveseats, floor cushions, bean bag chairs and oversized pillows are a must.

Home Gym:

Who needs a fancy gym membership when you can create a home gym? Get as elaborate (think mirrors, wall-mounted TVs and sound system) or as simple (just a few pieces of equipment and a yoga mat) as your imagination will allow. Big thing here is storage to put everything away if you need to turn the space into something different, such as a guest room or office.

Flex rooms epitomize the “custom” in custom home, so however you plan on utilizing this space, you will truly have a home that caters to your needs. For more ideas or to see examples of flex rooms in our custom homes in San Luis Obispo, reach out to us.