Abbott | Reed Communities: New Project Announcement


At Abbott | Reed ensuring we make a positive impact on the communities we serve has been a priority ever since we opened our doors in 2008. With that in mind, we’re particularly excited to announce one of our latest projects—Rockview at Sunset, located on Atascadero Road in Morro Bay.

New Name, Same Commitment to Building Better


It’s official…we’ve changed our name to Abbott | Reed Inc.! A change in name only, Abbott | Reed is still under the same ownership, comprised of the same capable team, all driven by the same commitment to build better. Effective immediately, multidisciplinary construction and real estate development firm, Robbins | Reed is now known as Abbott | Reed.

4 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home


Abbott | Reed Communities New Years Home Resolutions

When it comes to changing things up in the new year, focusing on your home is a natural place to start. Our homes in San Luis Obispo provide the foundation for our lives – the starting points for work, play, rest, and rejuvenation. So, whether you live in a home, apartment, or your custom dream house, we’ve come up with four New Year’s Resolutions for your home to help you get a jumpstart on a great 2022.

Custom Home Trends: Flex Rooms

AbbottReedCustom Homes

Abbott | Reed Custom Homes-Flex-Rooms

These days, our homes are so much more than four walls and a roof. Home office, gym, gourmet restaurant, movie theater… there’s really no way to label all the things we’re asking from a house in 2021.

That means flex rooms, spaces designed specifically to be multipurpose, just one of the features of our custom homes in San Luis Obispo. And we’ve put together a guide to help inspire you when planning a flex room.

Funnel Your Passions into Your Flex Room

First off, think about ways to best utilize a flex room by asking yourself what you’re passionate about. Do you love going to the gym but wish you could save time? Are you working from home more these days but don’t have a dedicated space? Does your family love games but can’t decide on cards or video games?

All these things factor into how to best utilize the space in your house.

Consider the Best Location for Your Flex Room

How you plan on using a flex room will help determine its placement in your custom home. Flex rooms are often on the main floor near the front entryway or kitchen and can easily become a home office, children’s playroom or entertainment space.

Other placements all depend on how you plan on using them. A second-floor bedroom may serve as a home office and spare room for when family or guests are in town or a gym/gaming room.

What’s Going into the Design?

After you’ve determined how your flex room is going to be used, it’s time to dive into details like general design and décor. Sturdy, versatile materials, like bamboo flooring and multi-purpose furniture, ensures the room stands up to wear and tear over time.

Also, hidden storage can be a huge help when it comes to switching from one use to another.

Flex Room Inspiration

If you’re still thinking about ways to integrate different uses, here are some ideas for utilizing the most out of your custom home.


Give your kids space and freedom with a room for storing toys, books and games. Add a sliding door that separates the room to hide the clutter and mess.

Homework space:

Install built-in shelves to store homework supplies and a computer workstation.


Creating a library in your home is perfect for keeping all of your favorite reading materials in one spot. Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and cabinets make storing your books and magazines easy. Of course, a good read needs a comfy chair.

Game/Entertainment Room:

Whether it’s board games, video games or cards, this room can be used by the whole family. Loveseats, floor cushions, bean bag chairs and oversized pillows are a must.

Home Gym:

Who needs a fancy gym membership when you can create a home gym? Get as elaborate (think mirrors, wall-mounted TVs and sound system) or as simple (just a few pieces of equipment and a yoga mat) as your imagination will allow. Big thing here is storage to put everything away if you need to turn the space into something different, such as a guest room or office.

Flex rooms epitomize the “custom” in custom home, so however you plan on utilizing this space, you will truly have a home that caters to your needs. For more ideas or to see examples of flex rooms in our custom homes in San Luis Obispo, reach out to us.

Abbott | Reed Communities: Custom Home Styles that are Perfect for Gran Cielo de Vina Robles


Abbott | Reed Custom Home Styles

Whether you’re ready to start seriously planning to move into a new home or just in the daydream phase, who doesn’t love imagining unpacking in a space you’ve made your very own. That’s what Gran Cielo de Vina Robles, our premier gated community of custom homes in Paso Robles wine country, offers: the perfect backdrop for this exercise in expression. From modern farmhouse to mission revival, we’ve come up with a list of custom home styles at Gran Cielo de Vina Robles to help guide your journey of creating your dream house.

Abbott | Reed Communities: 2021 Design Trends Shine at Noveno


Abbott | Reed 2021 Design Trends

Our interior spaces have become so much more these days than just a place to hang your hat. Spending most of your time in the home became the go-to for 2020, and that trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

So, we’re all paying way more attention to the spaces we call home, and 2021 design trends in San Luis Obispo are certainly following suit as expressions of utility, sanctuary, artistic voice and so much more. Here are some new design trends you can find at Abbott | Reed Communities’ latest project Noveno.

Self-Isolation Friendly Design Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony


Abbott | Reed Balcony Decor

Our homes are having to be pretty versatile these days, doubling as the office, classroom and restaurant, to name just a few isolation-related adaptations we’ve all been forced to make. Needless to say, getting outside isn’t exactly as easy as it used to be.

But if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space in your home, there’s no better time than the present to make sure you’re enjoying it. To celebrate the completion of our latest multi-family property, Pacific Courtyards, Abbott | Reed Communities shares are some quarantine friendly ways to make your patio or balcony your own.

Closets and Storage for Your Custom Home

AbbottReedCustom Homes

Robbins Reed Custom Homes- Closets and Storage

Storage needs vary from home to home and person to person. If you or your family members like to cook, camp, create, or collect couture, there’s always something that needs to be put somewhere.

When considering a new home, be sure to think about your closet and storage requirements. Luckily, there are some great built-in custom closet and after-market storage solutions. Styles and materials vary, from practical metal component garage systems to beautiful, furniture-quality wood built-ins for every room. With some space and creativity, there are plenty of ways you can keep your stuff and your sanity.

Storage systems are available for bedrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen pantries, hall closets, garages, home offices and hobby zones. If you’re designing a new home, customizing storage is well worth a little extra time.

As bedroom

sizes trend down and sleek interiors gain devotees, less floor space is devoted to stand-alone furniture. This means bedroom closets should be efficient and functional. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Integrated systems with hanging rods, cabinets and shelves, and shoe storage are great for streamlining smaller closets, while storage benches, make-up nooks, or fold-down ironing stations can be great additions to walk-ins.

A laundry room

of any size can be enhanced by taking advantage of wall space. Replacing stock cabinetry with a laundry organizer system puts products, hanging space, and productivity at your fingertips. Ceiling-hung drying racks for delicate items can save floor space for other items, such as a storage bench for outdoor toys and boots, or house cleaning tools.

A kitchen pantry

doesn’t need to be huge to make life easier. Storage gets a boost with adjustable shelving that can be reconfigured to create just the right space for the items you use most. Do you buy more things in boxes, cans, bottles or bags? It can be helpful to pay close attention to your shopping and cooking habits before you design your pantry.

Hall closets

hold more than coats. Some hold sports equipment, crafting, or cleaning supplies as well. Be sure to evaluate storage spaces with your lifestyle and needs in mind.


range in size and duties. Tools, sporting goods, seasonal items, and even cars all vie for space. Think beyond big plastic tubs, and consider products and systems that let you create practical areas that increase space and utility.

Home offices and hobby zones

require storage that is appropriate for specific activities. Don’t be afraid to make your space work for you! You’ll thank yourself for the small customizations that lead to increased usefulness, or the personal touches that make you smile.

Before you talk to an architect, real estate agent, or builder, make sure you think about all of your needs, including storage. Online sites such as Houzz and Pinterest are great for sparking ideas and fueling imagination. Let your custom home builders create the right spaces for you, your lifestyle, and the things that help you enjoy it.

If your next home will be on California’s Central Coast, give us a call at 805-543-7277. We’ll build the home, and you can fill it with memories.