What Custom Home Builders Want You to Know About the Building Process

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At Abbott | Reed Custom Homes our passion is building yours. The custom home building process can be intimidating but it doesn’t need to be. At Abbott | Reed we keep you in the loop on everything from pulling permits to final punch lists because we believe trust is earned. Now our custom home builders are sharing what you need to know to make the custom home building process as positive as possible.

  • Choosing a builder is an important decision. You will be working with them from start to finish. You’ll want to select a reliable team to ensure smooth communication and a more efficient timeframe.
  • You’ll be working with a wide array of documents, contracts, and plans – so keeping organized is key. A good rule of thumb is to keep a paper trail. Don’t throw out any notes or documents, just in case.
  • Know the 10 most common major phases:
  1. Preparing the site and pouring foundation
    • Clearing the site (think rocks, trees, and any debris)
    • Leveling the site
    • Digging the well/septic if needed
  2. Rough framing of the house
  3. Rough plumbing/electrical/HVAC
  4. Insulation installation
  5. Drywall and interior textures
  6. Interior trim, driveways and walkways installed
  7. Countertops, flooring installation
  8. Electrical finishing and installation of bathroom fixtures
  9. Design finishings
  10. Landscaping
  • In between many of the steps above there will be inspections required to ensure everything is up to code and correct. The Abbott | Reed Custom Home builders know the drill and can walk you through the often complicated process.
  • Surprises can and will pop up. Our team stays of top of the timeline to stay on track and on budget, no matter what unexpected issues arise.
  • Know that you will be making countless decisions in the custom home building process. Every detail can be tailored to your liking from flooring and countertops to windows, paint colors, and even subterranean wine cellars. It helps to be prepared. Creating a Pinterest board is one way to share the look and feel you’re going for.

The custom home building process can be overwhelming. Know that we’re here to help. We’ve found the happiest clients tend to follow their intuition. At Abbott | Reed Custom Homes our team is dedicated to your vision of perfection. Compromise is never part of the equation. To learn more, email or call (805) 543-7277.