Abbott | Reed Custom Homes: 2019 Lighting Trends


Here at Abbott | Reed Custom Homes, our San Luis Obispo Custom home builders are on top of all things trending in interior design. Our passion is crafting luxurious modern spaces that are uniquely yours. If you’re starting from scratch, here are our homebuilder’s top picks for modern fixtures that will bring light to your custom home vision.

Geometric Chandeliers

Sharp lines and complex patterns—geometric shapes like prisms can give any room contemporary appeal. They are a more casual approach to traditional chandeliers, especially paired with warm LED lighting.

Wicker Pendants

Wicker fixtures are on the rise, and for good reason. They give spaces an artisan touch, and are natural complements to boho and minimalist spaces. 

Sculptural Lighting

Just like a piece of artwork, the lighting in your home can make a statement about your style and taste. Picking unique sculptural fixtures that you are inherently drawn to is what makes a room authentically yours—not to mention the gorgeous shadows they cast.

Refined Retro

Retro is back, but with an edge. Unlike warehouse styles of the past, modern retro pieces are composed of sleeker materials and and more varied tones. Look for pieces with these finer details. 

Architect Floor Lamps

Oversized architecture lamps and other table styles give a fun, playful vibe to living rooms. They are also great additions to office and work spaces, with adjustable features and dimming options.

Do your summer plans include a custom home? You’re in the right place. Here at Abbott | Reed Custom Homes, our San Luis Obispo custom homebuilders are here to make your dream home, simply your home. Whether your vision is modern minimalist or elegant grandeur, our expertise and a close working relationship will light up the picture in your mind.

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