Convenient Custom Home Features to Consider

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Custom home in San Luis Obispo

If you’re considering a custom home here in San Luis Obispo, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and features available. The personalized features and special amenities are truly endless. What it comes down to is prioritizing the features that are important to you and will make a positive impact on your daily life. No matter what you decide to dream up, here at Abbott | Reed Custom Homes, we’ll make it happen.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular luxury custom home trends here on California’s Central Coast.

Built-in communications infrastructure

Innovative whole-home cabling and wiring systems are increasingly in demand. This technology not only supports modern entertainment and sound systems, but home office functionality and communications throughout the property.

Increase electrical outlets

Today there are more devices than ever to charge on the daily. Knowing that, it’s a smart idea to pan ahead by adding more electrical outlets throughout your home in convenient or hidden locations.

Focus on natural lighting

Your San Luis Obispo custom home design will benefit from paying thoughtful attention to natural light. Natural light adds an inviting element to any home, making it feel especially spacious and airy. Skylights, windows, and glass doors are only a few of the ways to optimize natural light in your custom home.

Consider extra storage

Even the most streamlined and minimalist homeowners can benefit from the option of extra storage. Make the most of the space you have with modern solutions like under stair storage and built-in shelves, or even secret rooms to increase storage capacity.

Add refrigerator(s)

All too often, one refrigerator is simply not enough, especially if you and your family frequently entertain. Owning a dedicated beverage refrigerator is a simple and effective way to free up more storage in your kitchen.

There’s a difference between building a place you call home and a place you simply come home to. The key to defining that difference is you. Ultimately your vision is what makes your custom home come to life. When you need answers, know that our Central Coast custom home team is available to you every step of the way from planning and design to building and beyond. Contact Abbott | Reed Custom Homes online or by calling 805-543-7277 today.