Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2020

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2020 Trend at Home in our Custom Homes

Biophilic design, still on the rise in architecture, acknowledges the many ways nature interacts with and contributes to physical and emotional wellbeing. Mindful integration of elements from the natural environment within built environments helps people feel connected and grounded. It’s no surprise that many of 2020’s interior design trends are influenced by this architectural trend.

But fear not, lovers of luxury, today’s nod to nature doesn’t mean we’re revisiting hippie havens of decades past. Our San Luis Obispo custom home builders explain how forward-thinking interior designers see 2020 shaping your spaces.

Modern, Yet Approachable Combos

Bold patterns and geometrics will be paired with organic elements such as live-edge tables and countertops, to give spaces warmth combined with a modern flair. Soft rugs and natural fabrics will add balance in spirited spaces where eye-catching designer tile or daring wall coverings make stylish statements.

Neutrals Au Natural

We’ll see warm neutral colors such as gray and beige set the stage in the same way desert landscapes help showcase an unexpected oasis or sunset. Think riverbeds, beach walks and rocky cliffs accented by stimulating, awe-inspiring tones found in plants and wildlife.

Surfaces Touched By Nature

Textures inspired by stone, timber and plant materials will add pleasure and interest to walls, fireplaces, and furniture. People will want to run their eyes or fingers across everything from floors to accessories to enjoy the comforting surfaces they’re familiar with.

Evolving Living Spaces

The adaptability found in nature will be demonstrated in design. Long popular, great rooms will be reimagined to signal a return of intimacy. Expect furniture that invites swift room reconfiguration based on occupants and activities. Look for rooms that change size and shape through use of convertible partitions, artwork, or planters. Flexible lighting options will help set the mood, helping a space go from a bright, inspiring morning-starter to a slower-paced dusky relaxation zone.

Our builders love helping our clients evaluate how today’s trends and material options can enhance their lives and support their lifestyles. When it’s time to create your next beautiful, comfortable home on the Central Coast, count on our full-service team for great ideas and on-trend or up-to-date information you can trust.