Abbott | Reed Custom Homes: Eco-Friendly Features for Luxury Homes

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There is no doubt that in 2019, green is in. More and more custom homes are being built with sustainable features, but is it possible to build a home that is eco-friendly and luxurious? Absolutely. Our San Luis Obispo custom home builders are on top of all things trending in custom home design, and are sharing four ways to make a luxury home environmentally friendly, and chic too.

Sustainable Features

When customizing your home, taking the time to understand where your materials come from and making mindful choices is a surefire way to make your space more sustainable. An example of this is when choosing flooring. There are plenty of options that can help you maintain the aesthetic you want, while still being eco-friendly. Stone flooring is a green option that is not only stunning, but also has a much lower impact than rare wood and artificial materials. You can also use recycled wood and materials, which cuts out on wasteful production. To reduce the carbon footprint of today’s construction demands, many contractors are seeking out local resources that are abundant to meet design challenges.

Locally-sourced Details

Although exotic imports like furniture and art can add an alluring feel to your home, they are often wasteful in the resources used to ship internationally. Details that are purchased locally give an authentic regional feel to your home, and give you the opportunity to meet the person who created them. When it comes to adding those special touches to your space, check out the local artists and producers in your area before you order something from far away.

Energy-efficient Appliances

When it comes to scaling down the environmental impact of your home, opting for efficient appliances is a simple way to go green. Some of the biggest energy-wasters in a home are the appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers. Switching to green alternatives is a worthwhile investment not only for the planet, but also for your pocket book. Many of the newest amenities on the market are required to be eco-friendly due to growing regulations, so outfitting your luxury home with sophisticated amenities is easier than ever.

Vegetable Gardens & Orchards

Nothing is more green than gardens, fruit trees, and a farm-to-table lifestyle. Outlining your custom home with trees and plants is not only beautiful and customizable, but also extremely sustainable. Gardening promotes healthy soil, creates microenvironments, and fresh ingredients for your salad. This reduces your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of vegetables you source from far away, and the extra oxygen created can help minimize the carbon footprint you create in your home. Lush backyards are always sexy and sustainable.

At Abbott | Reed Custom Homes, we specialize in creating spaces that fit all your your needs and interests, without compromise. Whether you’re looking to build your own eco-friendly haven, or simply want to add greener touches to your space, know that we’ll tailor every detail to your liking–it’s the only way we know to build a home that is uniquely yours. Get in touch with one of our luxury home builders today.