Luxury Home Exterior Trends for 2020

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Abbott | Reed Custom Homes Exterior Trends 2020

As the new decade draws near, custom luxury homes will impress visitors with nods to nature and innovative design that combines materials of the past with the technology of the future. Let’s take a look at some design trends and features we expect outside 2020’s new homes.

Solar Innovation Heats Up

Renewable energy has a bright, sunny future in California. The state’s solar mandate requires PV solar on almost all new single-family and multi-family homes up to 3 stories tall. For building permits filed on or after January 1, 2020, most new dwellings in California will require photovoltaic solar systems. While the reliance on solar is by mandate, the product and design trends will be driven by the industry, builders, and site specifications. We expect California to lead the way with creative methods to incorporate solar without making it a focal point of design. We’re looking forward to advances in thin-film technology and stealthy installation and design techniques that allow solar to make a difference without always making a statement.

Nature Sets the Tone

Opulent is out. Design, materials, and colors will take their cues from nature. Expect more (and darker) earth tones, use of natural stone instead of highly polished, and water features that mimic natural pools to eclipse fancy fountains and splashy spas. The use of exterior metalwork will remain popular, with a focus on structural materials with earthy-looking oxidized finishes rather than shiny, ornate fabrications.

Siding Shakes It Up

Shake siding and its close cousin shingle siding experienced bursts of popularity at the turn of the 20th century and again in the 1970s. Today, they’re back on the design scene. Whether used exclusively or bundled with vertical siding, stone, or brick, shake and shingle sidings are adding dimension and interest while softening appearances. Expect to see both traditional cedar and durable, low maintenance alternatives such as cement fiber.

The Indoors Come Out To Play

For a while, it was all about bringing the outdoors in. Now, we’re bringing the indoors out. Here on the Central Coast, our temperate climate makes outdoor living not only possible but often preferable. Outdoor kitchens are being joined by wet bars and natural gas fire pits with comfortable seating for cozy communal meals with friends.. Simplified by portable smart home technology, it’s even easier to manage outdoor entertainment, nature-inspired water features, and variable lighting to match any mood. Add landscaping that provides protection from excessive sun or wind, and you’ll be California dreaming through most seasons.

The year 2020 will make its mark with graceful, welcoming dwellings. Home exteriors will be built to impress not through outspoken ostentatious calls for attention, but with understated, yet lusciously livable form and function. We expect architectural design to continue to draw inspiration from across decades and around the globe while refining the integration of nature, durable materials and evolving technology. Are you ready to meet the team of luxury home builders who will turn your 2020 vision into a lasting reality? Contact us today.