Abbott | Reed Custom Homes: Luxury Lofts and Game Rooms

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At Abbott | Reed, our passion is building yours. From renovating your space to starting from the ground up, our custom home builders have the expertise to execute any project. We pride ourselves on staying on top of trends, and finding ways to craft modern spaces that are uniquely yours. Our San Luis Obispo builders are here today to lay down the basics on a trending custom home feature: luxury lofts and game rooms. Regardless of whether you want to create a modern man-cave or simply a space to sit and relax, these are four key things to keep in mind while dreaming up your perfect loft.


Because of the open floor plan of lofts, it is important to keep the space well-lit. Oftentimes ceilings are quite high, but this gives you the opportunity to be creative with fixtures. Pendant lamps can be a key touch to a game room, especially over a pool table, while string lights and modern chandeliers give a unique visual appeal to a quiet reading room.


Furniture, particularly the positioning of it, is a challenging aspect of designing a loft. These rooms are best kept spacious, and less is more when it comes to keeping the integrity of lofts. If your loft has brick or concrete walls, particularly exposed walls, materials such as a blend of glass, chrome, steel, and wood will fit best. For a modern-man cave, moldings, columns, upholstered furniture and some antiques create a contemporary pool hall feel.


Storage presents another challenge to loft design. Whether you choose to minimize or not, it is important to consider where miscellaneous items will go because a loft is open and lacks many corners and closed rooms. This way, the room won’t seem cluttered or clumsy. Consider furniture pieces that can also function as storage, like trunks which can function as coffee tables.


A really competitive round of ping-pong in your game room may call for celebration, except when it keeps others from sleeping. Furthermore, a quiet moment in your loft reading room could easily be disturbed by the clanking of pans downstairs in the kitchen. When crafting your loft, it is important to incorporate noise reduction in the design. There are many ways to accomplish this, and our San Luis Obispo custom home builders would be happy to help you out.

Know that at Abbott | Reed, our team has what it takes to build a house you can truly call home. Give one of our friendly builders a call today at 805-316-5046, and check out other custom homes we have built here in San Luis Obispo.