Abbott | Reed Custom Homes: Luxury Home Styles

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When dreaming up your new home in San Luis Obispo, know that luxury doesn’t always have to mean mid-century modern. Luxury features can be incorporated into almost any home style, so you can be creative when selecting a space that is true to you. Our custom home builders are here today to lay down six compelling luxury architecture styles, all of which can be perfectly shaped into your own unique space.

Ranch Home

The ranch home is one of the most common styles found here on the Central Coast. Typically one story, this style embraces a free and open floor plan that embodies the cheap land and sprawling suburbs of the 1950s. They are often rectangular or L-shaped, and rooms feature many windows and views of the outdoors. Modern ranch homes are on the rise, and allow for easy renovations or additions.

English Cottage

For those into a classical and striking look, the English Cottage style might be the perfect fit. Cottages are generally 1-2 stories, with asymmetrical faces with overscaled chimneys, and decorative bricks. Closed entryways and rounded doors are common, and rooms are cozy, unusual, and feature built in features like kitchen seating or storage spaces.

Cape Cod Home

The classic Cape Cod style is typically seen in smaller homes, and incorporates a symmetrical facade. They have little ornamentation and frills, and are characterized by cedar shingles or clapboard. They are usually 1.5 stories, and feature a chimney, shingles, and a formal, center-hall floor plan. If you are drawn to charming, intimate and cozy styles, the Cape Cod home may be the fit for you.

Craftsman (or Bungalow)

The craftsman home was originally inspired by Asian elements, and features natural materials and symmetrical design. Handcrafted stone and wood are used as decor, and roofs are often low-pitched with gables. This style first appeared in California around the 1920s, and is ideal for those wanting a simplistic, yet elegant design.

Pueblo Revival

Pueblo Revival homes are influenced by one of the oldest and most ingenious forms of architecture, created by the Pueblo tribes of North America. This style was reinvigorated throughout Arizona and New Mexico, and exalts a smooth and geometric design, with simple landscaping and heavy use of earthy materials. Traditionally these homes were built with sun-dried mud, but now are built with concrete, stucco, or mortar. Roofs are flat, and feature grandiose wooden doors and internal beams. These homes are ideal in locations with extreme summer heat, and are naturally insulatory and protected from the elements.

Spanish Style

Drawing from many elements similar to adobe style homes, Spanish style incorporates adobe, stucco, or concrete facades. The exterior is smooth, with iron features and red tile roofs. Exteriors are often painted white, and have interior courtyards with small gardens and fountains. Spanish style is ideal for larger homes and families seeking a traditional elegance with earthy features.

The beauty of building your own home is that you have total control over every aspect of the design, so you can draw from various styles to create a space that is perfect for you. At Abbott | Reed, we pride ourselves on innovation and communication. Whether it’s helping you realize your dream of a Spanish style subterranean wine cellar or helping to pick the perfect plumbing fixtures, our passion is building yours. Get in touch with one of our San Luis Obispo luxury home builders a call today at 805-316-5046.