Abbott | Reed Custom Homes: 7 Ways Millennials Are Influencing Luxury Home Design

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Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1999) number over 83 million in the United States and their impact on building a custom home increasingly makes waves. Millennials care deeply about the environment and their homes reflect their values from investing in solar panels to growing their own food. Today the team at Abbott | Reed Custom Homes is sharing seven ways Millennials are influencing custom home design trends.

1. Smart Technology

Integrated smart-technology is here and Millennials are all about it. Wi-Fi-connected technology now includes everything from security and smoke detectors to lighting and heating options and entertainment with smart speakers and TVs. The convenience of smart technology matters to Millennials and that includes plenty of outlets and sleek built-in charging stations.

2. Green Living

Millennial homebuyers want and expect renewable energy resources and sustainable building materials. That’s why more homebuyers are choosing responsible options such as Energy Star appliances, non-toxic paint, and LEED-compliant fixtures in their homes.

3. Minimalist Vibes

Millennials prefer functionality and minimalistic design over clutter. Simply put, they want to keep it simple with homes that don’t require high upkeep costs and a team of people to maintain. In general, that means homes are smaller and designed to be more multi-functional than sprawling suburban meccas of the past. Concern with energy use and cost savings factor in too.

4. Open Floor Plans

This generation does not want to be boxed in and appreciates an open floor plan for more flexible living. Rooms and furniture designed for multi-purposes are popular for this very reason. Open kitchens are popular places to entertain, and Millennials are more interested in luxury kitchen gadgets than previous generations before them.

5. Bold Appliances

Many Millennials enjoy making a statement to reflect their personality, and that extends to home appliances. Whether it’s a cobalt stove, bright vintage refrigerator, or pastel washer and dryer – younger homebuyers are saying no to stainless steel in favor of more colorful home appliances.

6. Clean Tile

If you look on any Millennials’ Pinterest board, Subway tiles are likely to pop up. This trend has dominated the market for some time now, most commonly as a kitchen backsplash and in minimalist bathrooms.

7. Natural Materials and Features

Millennials typically favor a natural color palette, minimalist pieces, and reclaimed wood in their homes. This is a generation that appreciates bringing the outdoors in with plenty of green plants and edible gardens.

Millennials are increasingly influencing custom home design from their demand for sustainable building materials to smart technology integration. Stylish, easy living is all about flexibility, and that’s what modern custom homebuyers are asking for.

Here at Abbott | Reed we understand that there’s a difference between building a place you call home and a place you simply come home to. The key to defining that difference is you. Unlocking it takes a custom homebuilder who understands that compromise is never part of the equation. When you’re ready to make your dream of a custom home a reality, count on us to be there every step of the way. Our friendly team is available at (805) 543-7277.