Abbott | Reed Custom Homes: Luxury Master Suite Inspiration

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For centuries, the owner of a residence has escaped to their master bedroom for luxury and privacy. This was their restful sanctuary, a space where they could soak in their own personal aesthetic without interruption. This is the space not only for relaxation after a long day, but also for daydreaming and important conversations with loved ones.

Today’s master bedroom does not stray far from this theme, and custom homebuilders have taken leisure into the 21st century with modern amenities that turn private bedrooms into luxury lounges. The master bedroom is more than just a place to rest; it is a personally appointed escape built around your own tastes and interests. When building a custom home, consider adding these three classic touches to enhance your master suite.

Canopy Beds

Four-poster and canopied beds create a secret hideaway, and give the room a warm and cozy Victorian feel. While four-poster beds have connecting beams at the top, canopy beds add cascading fabric. These draping fabrics can be thick to hold in heat and to provide privacy, or they can be sheer to add a touch of elegance to the bedframe. Modern canopy beds come in every style ranging from rustic to ornate, and even minimalist.

Chaise Lounges

When you have a master bed to lie on, sitting rooms in bedrooms can seem unnecessary. However, if you have a full house with kids, a place to sit and read is a quiet luxury. Chaise lounges are incredibly comfortable and functional. Their smooth wavelike shape is a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing touch to a spacious room. They can be situated at the end of your bed in place of a bench, or alongside a bright window or bookshelf.

Private Bar

A private bar (or a morning bar) is a sophisticated and useful amenity to any master bedroom. They can range from a single mini fridge and counter space, to a full alcove that contains a fridge, sink, a microwave and coffeemaker. A private bar gives a space an inviting feel, and is ideal for upstairs bedrooms when the kitchen is further away.

Few pleasures in life are as comforting as your own bed. Our bedrooms are host to some of our most intimate pastimes and self-care rituals, and they are worthy of extra thought and investment. They are one of the only spaces in a home where personal aesthetic can outweigh functionality—the master bedroom is your chance to embrace the lavish and create the suite of your dreams. Here at Abbott | Reed, we will support you every step of the way as you embark on building your custom dream home and perfect master bedroom. Learn more about who we are, and get some inspo from the houses we’ve built. Feel free to reach out online or over the phone at 1-805-543-7277.